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Curtis Instruments UK are delighted to announce that their new enhanced corporate website has gone live  -  at  -  underwriting 40 years of delivering superb vehicle technology solutions to the UK and Ireland.

The site has a fresh new look with a clean, simple layout and user-friendly navigation, all updated with the latest information about our products and services. 

 Special emphasis is given to several market leading new products like; E-Series AC Speed Controllers that fully comply with EN ISO 13849-1:2009 (and the updated EN 1175-1:1998 + A1:2010) to offer versatile CE-COMPLIANT safety for battery powered industrial trucks; the ACUITY Battery Monitoring System, a complete solution for fleet battery management; plus a full range of updated low cost LED beacons and worklamps. 

The updated product pages contain information about existing products like speed controllers for AC, SEPEX, PM and SERIES motors, colour LCD CAN vehicle instrumentation, Hour Meters and Battery State of Charge instruments like the 803 and 906, as well as safety products like reverse alarms, steering sensors, code switches, throttles and foot pedals. 

Easy to find links take you to videos, datasheets and manuals, news pages and technical specifications.  Hopefully something of interest and use for engineers, designers, buyers, dealers and end users interested all types of solutions for vehicle technology!

A newly updated corporate brochure has been designed at the same time and can be viewed on the website in different formats, alternatively a hard copy can be obtained easily by either completing the form on the website, or calling their Northampton office on 01604 885201. 

Visit to view competitively priced High Frequency Battery chargers, plus the innovative rapid charge, low maintenance PRIMOPulse, whose low power onsumption and increased battery life provides fast return on investment.   The full range of chargers are backed with long warranty periods and a maintenance network of Charger Service Agents operating across the Country.


Curtis takes particular pride in the design of tailored solutions created by expert customer support engineers with decades of experience in the industry, who will be with you through all stages of design and on-site installation.  Further information on the services offered can be found again, on the new site, or by contacting the UK Head Office in 01604 885201.

For many years the company has embraced the Clean & Green ethos,  creating technology for zero-emission “green” vehicles long before it became a buzzword!

So, for ongoing ethical and technical education Curtis urge readers to sign up to receive Curtis e-mail news and product updates direct to your inbox.  

All of which adds up to The Curtis Difference, making sure you “feel it when you drive it”.

Curtis UK offers High-Frequency On-board Charger

Curtis UK offers High-Frequency On-board Charger

The Curtis model 1621 Battery Charger is an advanced, high frequency charger that is small and light enough to be installed on-board the vehicle if required. The charger is completely sealed, efficiently cooled without the use of fans, and can withstand temperature extremes, moisture and high vibration. Model 1621 charger can be programmed with 10 charge profiles for both wet and sealed batteries. It can be used around the world as it operates at both 120 volts and 230 volts. The extreme versatility of Model 1621 has made it a firm favourite with many of the world's leading manufacturers of battery powered equipment.

This charger provides unprecedented reliability, performance and value.

Universal Input

Model 1621 is designed with a wide input voltage range from 85 – 265 VAC, making it an ideal choice for any worldwide application. Power Factor Correction and 12A maximum current draw ensures the charger will work reliably from any power outlet, even during supply surges and dips.  Standardising on a universal model saves OEMs component stocks and management costs.

Approved Charge Algorithms

The 1621’s intelligent microprocessor can store up to 10 manufacturer developed charger algorithms for different batteries.  New algorithms are constantly being designed for new battery types, sizes and chemistries. Manufacturing and field service personnel can easily switch between algorithms and, with new field reprogrammable chargers, download new algorithms into the charger whilst on site.

Designed for Onboard Use

The 1621 is built for onboard operation in harsh environments. Its rugged, lightweight and intelligent design provides continuous operation in any application.  High efficiency power conversion allows the 1621 to be delivered in a fully sealed enclosure, making it ideal for onboard applications in the dirtiest and wettest environments.  Alternatively, if configured with standard connectors or an OEM specific DC output cord, the 1621 can easily be used to off board to charge almost any vehicle.


Regulatory Compliance

All 1621 chargers are UL and CE compliant and have passed stringent EMI, safety, vibration, and water ingress protection (IP) tests. They offer users great efficiency, power factor correction and battery compatibility for safe and reliable operation.

For more information call 01604 885201 or email us at

"It's a Wrap!" - battery powered lifting equipment utilises Curtis VCL controller technology

"It's a Wrap!" - battery powered lifting equipment utilises Curtis VCL controller technology

Throw away packaging, whether it be for crisps, pre-pack vegetables or your favourite fast food, is something we don’t give much thought to.  But for one man, Matt Payne, owner of Torros Ltd in Norfolk, it’s big business.

The raw materials for packaging such as PVC film, is delivered to food processing plants in 500Kg reels formed around various sized cores. Once delivered it is loaded on to automatic machines where it can be spliced and welded before being used on the form-fill-and-seal packaging lines. Matt Payne has been involved with the packaging industry for over 15 years, initially supplying reel splicers but then responding to the needs of his customers by developing highly specialised material handling equipment. 500Kg reels - besides being incredibly heavy for manual manipulation - are also an extremely awkward shape for conventional lifting equipment. Traditional methods of handling the reels more often than not resulted in reel edge damage resulting in a high level of scrap material and loss of revenue. “It became obvious from the damage incurred, that a new type of handling concept was required”, says Matt. He took a step back and drew on his engineering background to develop a custom set of electrically operated jaws that once fed into the core of the reel opened out to offer a secure attachment without any physical contact with the valuable packaging film. The complete reel handling machine not only needed to secure the reel, but also needed to lift and rotate it while being highly manoeuvrable, enabling the reel to be transported to the designated area in the factory. To achieve this, the machine needed to be battery powered and Matt turned to the Market Leaders in systems solutions for materials handling equipment, Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd.

Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd, a European subsidiary of Curtis Instruments Inc. of Mt Kisco USA, listened carefully to Matt’s exact requirements before proposing an integrated solution that would give controllable power exactly where it was needed. In order to carefully regulate the motor torque for the grip function, a model 1210 PM motor speed controller was selected. This controller could accept the operator inputs from the pendant control and via its internal microprocessor controlled PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) power regulation circuit it could deliver the precise amount of power required to actuate the jaw mechanism. Too little power and the weight of the reel would tear it off the jaws, too much and the reel core would be punched out into the film. Curtis worked closely with the R&D team at Torros to produce a complete systems integrated package that not only controlled the grip, but also the reel rotate function and also charged the battery and monitored its status to ensure products reliability and longevity.


With many Torros reel handlers now operating throughout the UK, Matt explains that “it is the total support from Curtis, through the design and pre-production phases, that has really made the finished product a market leader”.  The success of the reel handler control system led Matt into new areas of development and again by taking his customers Health and Safety considerations to heart, Torros have developed a revolutionary new product, the Index Lifter. This innovation removes the repetitive back- breaking task of end of line box packing, where as soon as one box is filled an operator has to stack another box on top and begin the task again. The problem here was that the operator began by filling a box on the floor, steadily increasing in height with each additional box until the maximum safe height was reached. This repeated twist, bend and place operation is a major concern for any management team concerned with the health and safety of its workers.

With the Torros Index lifter, the box is held at the optimum height for the production line operative. At the press of a button the box is lowered an exact amount to allow the next box also to be filled at the optimum height for the operative. “This system has led to a reduction in repetitive strain injuries (RSI), less sick leave and greater productivity for my customers”, states Matt.

Kerry Green the European Technical Manager at Curtis (UK) says “ Matt’s challenge is not uncommon in the Materials Handling Industry. It’s exactly why our research establishment at Curtis PMC in California developed the 1310 system controller and VCL (vehicle control language). With this technology we can take “off the shelf” encoders and motor controllers, process their control signals in our 1310 using easily developed VCL, and deliver a fully integrated product. It’s fast, simple and reliable without the huge cost of a bespoke system. We are using the same technology on fork trucks, towbar-free aircraft tractors and aerial platforms worldwide”.  Listening carefully and working together with customers to give outstanding results is a common goal that is shared by both Torros Ltd and Curtis staff around the globe.

Curtis Instruments (UK) Limited at Tel: +44 (0) 1604 885201; Email:

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From Pier to Eternity - famous landmark uses Curtis speed controllers and technical expertise

From Pier to Eternity - famous landmark uses Curtis speed controllers and technical expertise

Curtis Instruments is noted worldwide for the quality of its products and the flexibility of solutions to meet varied customer needs and this ethos has been tangibly confirmed recently, by unique challenges posed by the refurbishment operation of the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

This famous landmark, originally built way back in 1904, is a major feature of the town to residents and visitors alike but a disastrous fire in 2008 looked set to be the end of an era. Thankfully the highly progressive and enthusiastic parent company – AGM – invested some £40 million in a futuristic pavilion redesign from architects Angus Meek, supported by a structure built by contractors John Sisk and Son that has literally risen out of the ashes with a new super lease of life and reopened in the autumn of 2010.

 A key factor of the new entertainment facilities is the splendid selection of electrically powered amusements including the Ghost Train, two land trains and the Go–Kart track, all of which are designed to keep visitors safe and happy - very much the Curtis domain.

The attractions demanded reliability; consequently all were fitted with Curtis AC speed controllers, providing an unbeatable combination of power, performance and functionality.  Curtis Specialist Technical Support Engineers worked on site with AGM to create the bespoke VCL (Vehicle Control Language) required for each ride.

Equally AGM have provided their very experienced input such as a modern steel embracing design fitted with lap bars for the Ghost Train rather than the usual open carriage format.  Twenty two highly popular Go Karts race around a miniature circuit so would-be Formula 1 stars can take comfort from the seven different speed settings which can be applied to separate Karts or across the whole track as desired.  Speeds are remotely controlled and can be set according to user ability or age group for example.  A complex set of requirements made easy by the consequential logic of the Curtis VCL.


The two 4 ton Land Trains are attractive and vital – especially given the quarter mile length of the pier! – and also feature Curtis AC speed controllers in this case models 1234 and 1232 set to control speed at 6mph for safety, with manual override functions written in.  To further ensure safety they feature Curtis FP8 foot pedals in place for braking and acceleration and the enGage IV instrumentation for the dashboard display.

Mark Phillips of AGM is very proud of the end result and very impressed by the expertise and on-site attention from Curtis Instruments “They carefully studied our situation and understood our very specialist needs and nothing seemed a problem to them. Each different attraction has been equipped to perfection and the Curtis engineers pretty well became part of our team to see the project through. We average 25000 visitors a day and their safety and pleasure are at the core of everything we do. The pier is a fundamental feature of the economy of the town and we are truly proud of our enhanced presence”.  

For further details of Curtis technology and support services please call 01604 885201 or email.

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