Curtis' Puerto Rico Factory Moves to New Larger Facility

We Have Moved! Curtis Instruments is growing. As a global technology leader in EV instrumentation and control systems, our international success is showing and in order to meet our future potential, we expanded and improved our worldwide operations at our factory in Puerto Rico.

After nearly three decades in the Puerto Rico Industrial Park in Carolina, Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico moved to a bigger and better facility near the San Juan airport. The new factory doubles our available floor space to 60,000 sq. ft. for manufacturing and adds 20,000 sq. ft. more for long-term expansion. This move significantly increased our manufacturing capacity and processes, to assure that we meet one of our primary operational tenets: We strive to design and manufacture only one level of quality – the highest.

Relocation was completed during August 2016 and a formal opening ceremony took place on October 16, 2016. The relocation plan was executed on time and without setbacks. Curtis produced an inventory of products ahead to ensure customers were not affected in any way due to our relocation.

The new facility is only five miles away from our current plant, and located in the Sabana Abajo Industrial Park, still in Carolina. The new facility is 80K sq.ft., compared to 27K sq.ft. of the old building. Besides getting more floor space, the new facility is designed to withstand both hurricanes and seismic activity, for greater protection during a natural disaster. It has seismic bracing, on site water storage tanks, and an emergency generator capable of running the entire plant for up to 10 days without a refill of fuel. This assures protection of the workforce and uptime of customer lines. The new building also has its own water supply and a backup generator capable of supporting the entire operation.

As a lean manufacturer, Curtis took the opportunity to establish a new, open-plan factory layout to institute significant improvements in our manufacturing flows. That included a reduction in the manual handling of products, and the use of internal kanbans to supply PCBs to the assembly lines.


Did the move impact personnel? Not at all!  100% of employees were retained throughout the relocation, in fact our employees are extremely happy with much improved working conditions in the new building.

All manufacturing processes were thoroughly validated prior to restarting production. This included independent:

• Installation qualifications – to ensure the equipment and processes were installed and calibrated properly.

• Operational qualifications – to establish that equipment and processes meet specifications.

• Performance qualifications – to establish evidence that the equipment and processes, under stress conditions, consistently meet predetermined requirements validated through sample production runs.

Our new facility has already improved production performance and we know the plant will continue to grow and develop with Curtis in the years to come.  We welcome your visit!

Curtis Q-Logic Control System

Curtis Instruments have announced the appointment of Rob Woodcock as their Sales and Support Manager for Rehab Chair Control Systems. The role will provide Quantum Rehab UK with specialist product support and training for the Q-Logic power chair control 82686a66f64f2f8366732f58b3fbdd37_f169.jpgsystem, which is unique to Quantum Rehab.

Rob has over 20 years of experience working with electronics and control systems for powered wheelchairs. Having previously spent 11 years with Dynamic Controls and over 12 years working for Sunrise Medical as the specialist in P & G Controls (Curtiss-Wright), Rob’s experience of advanced control systems and cross-platform promotion enhances the development of Q-Logic and Quantum Rehab within the industry.

Commenting on the new Q-Logic 3 control system, Rob said "In my short time with Curtis Instruments, I can already see that the Q-Logic 3 control system is exceptional and has some unique features. When it comes to development, we’ll be taking feedback from a multitude of sources to advance Q-Logic technology further.”

David Wilkes, Sales Director from Curtis Instruments (UK), said: "We want Quantum Rehab and Curtis Q-Logic Control Systems to be at the forefront of technology in this sector. Rob will provide enhanced training presentations to Quantum dealers and NHS Wheelchair Services, and promote Q-Logic within the UK and European markets.” The role will also involve providing direct technical support to Quantum Rehab UK.

Kevin Atkins, Senior Sales Manager for Quantum, added: "I’m delighted that Rob has decided to join Curtis Instruments. He is, without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable and experienced control system experts in his field, and the Quantum team are very excited at the prospect of working with him to develop the Quantum and Q-Logic brands.”

Q-Logic 3 will be launched in the UK during the first quarter of 2017.

For more information, visit the website HERE.


Curtis Launch HF9 High Frequency Battery Charger at IMHX

Curtis UK will launch their new fast charge, 93% energy efficient HF9 high frequency battery charger at IMHX in September; a low cost solution that will reduce your energy consumption and associated costs whilst charging all types of expensive truck batteries quickly to support high demand double or treble shift warehousing with ease.

These non-aggressive chargers work with forklifts and materials handling equipment in a wide range of applications.  They are fast (40% faster than 50hz with 6 hour average charge times), cost effective (high energy efficiency, independently verified to 93%), safe (produce less hydrogen and low odours ensuring clean working and safety of personnel), simple (easy to use high visibility LED display and field serviceable) and their unique airflow design system prevents failure of components through contamination by dust/dirt/fumes.

Easy care and servicing in the field keeps downtime to a minimum through intelligent user focussed design.  Easy to read LED status indicators on the front display panel, or quick intervention by Curtis trained independent charger service agents if required, means return to base is a thing of the past.  If telephone assistance is needed, all Curtis chargers are supported by helpdesk technicians at their Northampton head office and support is further reinforced by top grade warranty terms ranging from 3 to 5 years (depending on model).  So users can be assured that Curtis really do have it all covered.

So, if your expensive truck battery requires charging with care, without high costs, you could do a lot worse than Curtis’ High Frequency chargers that enhance worker safety, improve productivity and reduce running costs, all backed up with nationwide support and service.

Curtis has been developing chargers for more than 25 years, with over 10,000 sold in the UK  over the last 3 years alone, alongside a full range of supporting products like BDI's, REMA Connectors and ACUITY Battery Monitoring systems & software. 


Uniquely, Curtis (UK) directly satisfies the demands of the OEM market across Europe, providing the full range of Curtis products and the assembly of vehicle control panels, plus a wide range of additional products specifically stocked to support Dealer/Distributors and end users alike.  Curtis UK offers ex-stock availability and next day delivery from its large Northampton based warehouse, in which it carries a huge inventory to satisfy the demands of the dynamic and fast moving industries it serves.

See the HF9 on the Curtis stand (12S61) at IMHX, 13 – 16 September at the Birmingham NEC. The IMHX exhibition in September is the perfect opportunity for you to come and meet the Curtis Sales and Engineering team.

For further information on Curtis (UK) visit their website at or please contact Anita Chapman on 01604 885230 or

Curtis at IMHX 2016

Curtis Instruments are globally renowned technology leaders in the design and manufacture of instrumentation, controls, integrated systems, charging and safety products for battery and IC powered vehicles and are represented globally by wholly owned subsidiaries.

3 years ago, at IMHX 2013, we launched a new range of speed controllers, exceptional in their extensive and unrivalled legislative compliance, along with a new battery monitoring system, Acuity.  This year, our innovation continues!  At IMHX 2016, you will see new instrumentation designed specifically for walkies and golf buggies (models 3140 and 909R), more new speed controllers for walkies and stackers (the AC F2A range), as well as further development of our Acuity Battery Monitoring System which includes the addition of Wi-Fi communication.

Also on show at this year’s IMHX are exciting new additions to our market leading range of battery chargers.  The 93% efficient environmentally friendly (high frequency) HF-9 charger will help take care of your expensive truck battery as well as your budget.  Alongside this are the new 1622, 1626 and 1627CS; highly reliable on-board charging solutions with IP66 rated protection, capable of charging lead-acid or lithium-ion.

All of this displayed on our new customer focussed stand, with comfortable sit down area and our sought out “foot reviving” carpet, ensuring customer experience is five star right from the start.  Large display screens featuring product information that demonstrates how Curtis provide a full service and expert partners to assist you from beginning to end.

Uniquely, Curtis (UK) directly satisfies the demands of the OEM market across Europe, providing the full range of Curtis products and the assembly of vehicle control panels, along with a wide range of additional products specifically stocked to support Dealer/Distributors and end users alike.  Curtis UK offers ex-stock availability and next day delivery from its large Northampton based warehouse, in which it carries a huge inventory to satisfy the demands of the dynamic and fast moving industries it serves.


Curtis UK and Doosan Forklifts; Simple, Powerful, Moving

The best partnerships in business are based on synergy of products and performance and a mutual ethos of customer care.

This is most certainly the case with Curtis Instruments and Doosan whose new advanced portfolio of electric powered forklift trucks, controlled by advanced Curtis AC motor controllers, are setting the industry standard.

But let’s start at the beginning. Many people would simply not realise that Doosan started life as a small shop in Seoul, Korea way back in 1896. The principles of the company are underlined by the meaning of the two words “Doo” and “San” which translate simply as “from tiny grains of sand make a great mountain” and proof of that principal is clearly displayed with their evolution into the Doosan Group with amazing Global growth into the huge corporation we see today.  Not many companies can claim such a transformation from the manufacturing of women’s cosmetics in the 1920’s through to forklift trucks in 1968 and nuclear power, turbine manufacture and civil engineering today.

The electric aspect of the Doosan range offers a wide choice of robust capacities from 1.5 up to 5 tonnes combined with quiet, smooth manoeuvrability and proven benefit to the environment via the award-winning G2 engine, representing the way ahead in every respect. Every aspect of design is based on meeting customer needs and market awareness.  The alignment of custom design and demand principals between the two companies has seen the growth of an   integrated relationship with Curtis spanning numerous countries and products with a uniform support system.

At both R&D and production sites in Korea, Doosan utilise full Curtis AC control systems that benefit from the powerful enhancements of the E-Series range, like dual-microprocessor I/O logic and software that continually cross-checks critical circuits, ensuring maximum functional safety performance levels that comply fully with EN1175-1:1998+A1:2010 and EN (ISO) 13849-1:2009.

The 1222E controller provides safe “steer by wire” angle and direction, with the 1236E and 1238E controlling traction and hydraulics to combine powerful performance and reliability with functionality and easy system integration. 


Systems are easily controlled and directed by Curtis’ notable VCL (Vehicle Control Language) which Doosan have written, with assistance from Curtis.  Engineers working with CAN devices are often frustrated that conflicting protocols fail to communicate with each other, often forcing designers to approach different manufacturers for expensive and time consuming modifications.  The beauty of using Curtis AC controllers is the VCL’s unique ability to convert conflicting CAN protocols into one common language for multiple device applications.  Curtis VCL application code is at least ten times faster than similar systems; with more CAN mailboxes and more variables making development faster and more efficient and the end product and user experience unbeatably smooth and responsive.  Drivers ask for it.

Equipment in the field is easily monitored and maintained by engineers using Curtis 1313 intuitive programmers as rapid accurate diagnostic tools for the entire truck system.

Once the forklifts arrive at Doosan’s UK Headquarters in Northampton, home to their impressive UK Parts Distribution Centre and Service/Technical Support Team, the second part of the Curtis partnership kicks in.

Trucks are fitted with additional safety features including the clever Blue Arrow spot lamp that projects a directional arrow onto floors to alert pedestrians of an approaching vehicle (red also available) and bright, long lasting LED work lamps, as well as a versatile magnetic base engineers work lamps which can be used by either truck operators or maintenance engineers in any environment.

Truck batteries and are matched up with the corresponding Curtis Battery Charger.  Varying depending on specification and use, they comprise – mostly – tough stationary Primo Power (or Pulse version for fast charging) - advanced high frequency models or small single phase Piccolos, ideal for wet-cell batteries in pallet trucks.  All Curtis chargers are fitted with REMA connectors and come with long warranty and field support service.  The request and supply system flows totally and easily and it’s fair to say, that trust in the products and services are complete.

Paul Watson, Sales Director of Doosan is very happy with the multiple benefits of the Curtis connection. “It works in every respect to have this single source of supply and contact. Taking the three different controller units for example we looked, as we should, at all potential manufacturers but trusting our choice of Curtis Instruments for all of them means the best worldwide fit with easy ongoing development and attention for our range.  Great products and a strong, easy relationship between the companies in Northampton enable us to provide complete support to our customers, whatever the size of their fleet or location and ensure absolute minimum downtime and impact on their business resources”.  


VW Camper Van has ZERO Emissions - no, really!

Here’s a different application for the Curtis Model 1239E.  This E-Series AC Speed Controller with isolated 12V logic was the model of choice for the team at eDub Trips in North Yorkshire.

Mother and Son team, Gilly and Kit Lacey started the venture in November 2013.  They wanted to use their passion for traditional VW campers but found that many hirers, despite loving the experience, did not enjoy the slow acceleration, unreliability and high fuel costs. As the electric vehicle market was growing, they felt the time was right to provide a fantastic experience with no compromises, and set about the full conversion of this 1973 Type 2 Sportsmobile!   

The 1239 controller operating at 134V nominal, was paired with the HPEVS AC-52 three phase asynchronous motor.  The 1239E provides energy efficient control of asynchronous AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive duties.  Additionally the wide voltage range of the controller allowed for more flexibility in the battery pack design, something which was essential in order to achieve the design range of 100 miles per charge.

The isolated logic of the 1239 allowed for safe, easy integration with the existing 12V system in use on the original VW Camper including the addition of an economy mode switch. The original fuel gauge was also retained and used to reflect battery state of charge.  Additional VCL implementation provided integration with the on-board battery management system for disabling drive in the event of any cell exceeding its healthy voltage or temperature range.

More information on the 1239E and its highly cost-effective combination of power, performance and functionality can be found on the Curtis website or email us and we’ll call you back. 

The full story of the conversion can be found on the eDub Trips website.


NEW 1353 eXM CANbus Hydraulic I/O Expansion Module

The Curtis Model 1353 CANbus I/O expansion module provides accurate control of up to 9 proportional hydraulic valves, or can be used to add other digital and analog I/O to any CANopen based control system. The Model 1353 can also be used ‘standalone’ as an integrated I/O control module and is the “big brother” to the existing 1352 eXM with impressive, expanded feature set on an identical footprint.

Expands I/O capabilities on any CANopen vehicle control system. Typically used on materials handling trucks, aerial lift platforms, airport ground support equipment, compact construction equipment and sweeper-scrubber floor care machines.

• Fifteen multi-purpose I/O pins.

• Nine high-frequency 3A PWM proportional valve driver outputs.

• Six analog inputs which can be enabled for voltage or resistance measurement.

• Analog inputs support connections of up to two quadrature encoders.

• Fully CANopen compatible.

• 23-pin AMPseal connector.

• 12V unregulated, +5V regulated 200mA (total) protected DC output supplies.

• Serial port option to allow direct programming by Curtis 1313 / 1314 programming devices.

• Rugged mechanical design, sealed to IP65 per IEC 60529.

• Safety compliance, designed to the requirements of EN1175-1:1998+A1:2010, EN (ISO) 13849-1.

Read the datasheet and Manual hereContact Curtis UK for more information

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