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VW Camper Van has ZERO Emissions - no, really!

October 6, 2015

Here’s a different application for the Curtis Model 1239E.  This E-Series AC Speed Controller with isolated 12V logic was the model of choice for the team at eDub Trips in North Yorkshire.

Mother and Son team, Gilly and Kit Lacey started the venture in November 2013.  They wanted to use their passion for traditional VW campers but found that many hirers, despite loving the experience, did not enjoy the slow acceleration, unreliability and high fuel costs. As the electric vehicle market was growing, they felt the time was right to provide a fantastic experience with no compromises, and set about the full conversion of this 1973 Type 2 Sportsmobile!   

The 1239 controller operating at 134V nominal, was paired with the HPEVS AC-52 three phase asynchronous motor.  The 1239E provides energy efficient control of asynchronous AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive duties.  Additionally the wide voltage range of the controller allowed for more flexibility in the battery pack design, something which was essential in order to achieve the design range of 100 miles per charge.

The isolated logic of the 1239 allowed for safe, easy integration with the existing 12V system in use on the original VW Camper including the addition of an economy mode switch. The original fuel gauge was also retained and used to reflect battery state of charge.  Additional VCL implementation provided integration with the on-board battery management system for disabling drive in the event of any cell exceeding its healthy voltage or temperature range.

More information on the 1239E and its highly cost-effective combination of power, performance and functionality can be found on the Curtis website or email us and we’ll call you back. 

The full story of the conversion can be found on the eDub Trips website.