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Coronavirus and its increasing effect on the way we all operate around the World.

Dear Valued Customer

This is our third update in regards to the Coronavirus pandemic and our team continues to monitor this global situation.  Our number one priority remains the health and well-being of our colleagues around the world who, in the main, we are happy to report, remain safe and well at this time.  

Our manufacturing plant in China remains open, manufacturing at full capacity with over 93% of our workforce reporting for work.

Given these facts, Curtis UK wants to keep you fully abreast of our situation to assist with your planning as follows:

  1. We continue to follow updates from Public Health England and the World Health Organisation and are adhering to all recommendations and restrictions.
  2. All departments in Northampton are fully staffed (in-office or remotely) and there are no UK business interruptions at this time.  However, our engineering facility in Livermore, California and our manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico are now closed on instruction from the United States Government.  This may have implications on some product lead times as we move forward and details will be provided in due course, as necessary.
  3. Our global team continues to monitor key suppliers and at this time we see no supply chain interruptions.
  4. Key personnel have the ability to work remotely with access to all our business systems as required. Curtis China is focusing on planning and logistics to ensure the continuity of our mutual supply chains.
  5. We have the ability to shift key products between our China and Bulgaria manufacturing sites if necessary.
  6. We recognise that this is a dynamic situation and Curtis is well-positioned globally to meet this challenge. We will continuously evaluate our supply position to help minimise any supply chain disruptions.

As this situation is rapidly evolving, we will continue to monitor it and update our email information as necessary.  Your partnership over the coming weeks and months is essential.  Please do the same and alert us of any product supply concerns at the earliest opportunity. 

If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact your usual Curtis Customer Service Contact in the first instance.  

Telephone lines continue to be busy.  Please make a note of all the contact options shown below:

Curtis UK Sales Office - 01604 885201

Sarah Clark - 01604 885260
Sarah Clark 

Bethany Colbert - 01604 885267
Bethany Colbert

Anita Chapman, Sales Office Manager - 01604 885230
Anita Chapman

Please remember, our warehouse is fully stocked, deliveries are still arriving, carriers are still collecting.  So if you need something, please call or email us.  For now, we're working the same way we do every day!

We all need to work together through these tough times.  Please continue to work closely with us.  Thank you.

David Wilkes, Managing Director, Curtis (UK)

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