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Curtis' Puerto Rico Factory Moves to New Larger Facility

January 31, 2017

We Have Moved! Curtis Instruments is growing. As a global technology leader in EV instrumentation and control systems, our international success is showing and in order to meet our future potential, we expanded and improved our worldwide operations at our factory in Puerto Rico.

After nearly three decades in the Puerto Rico Industrial Park in Carolina, Curtis Instruments Puerto Rico moved to a bigger and better facility near the San Juan airport. The new factory doubles our available floor space to 60,000 sq. ft. for manufacturing and adds 20,000 sq. ft. more for long-term expansion. This move significantly increased our manufacturing capacity and processes, to assure that we meet one of our primary operational tenets: We strive to design and manufacture only one level of quality – the highest.

Relocation was completed during August 2016 and a formal opening ceremony took place on October 16, 2016. The relocation plan was executed on time and without setbacks. Curtis produced an inventory of products ahead to ensure customers were not affected in any way due to our relocation.

The new facility is only five miles away from our current plant, and located in the Sabana Abajo Industrial Park, still in Carolina. The new facility is 80K sq.ft., compared to 27K sq.ft. of the old building. Besides getting more floor space, the new facility is designed to withstand both hurricanes and seismic activity, for greater protection during a natural disaster. It has seismic bracing, on site water storage tanks, and an emergency generator capable of running the entire plant for up to 10 days without a refill of fuel. This assures protection of the workforce and uptime of customer lines. The new building also has its own water supply and a backup generator capable of supporting the entire operation.

As a lean manufacturer, Curtis took the opportunity to establish a new, open-plan factory layout to institute significant improvements in our manufacturing flows. That included a reduction in the manual handling of products, and the use of internal kanbans to supply PCBs to the assembly lines.

Did the move impact personnel? Not at all!  100% of employees were retained throughout the relocation, in fact our employees are extremely happy with much improved working conditions in the new building.

All manufacturing processes were thoroughly validated prior to restarting production. This included independent:

• Installation qualifications – to ensure the equipment and processes were installed and calibrated properly.

• Operational qualifications – to establish that equipment and processes meet specifications.

• Performance qualifications – to establish evidence that the equipment and processes, under stress conditions, consistently meet predetermined requirements validated through sample production runs.

Our new facility has already improved production performance and we know the plant will continue to grow and develop with Curtis in the years to come.  We welcome your visit!