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Curtis AC Controllers drive Surface and Internal PMAC

as well as standard Induction, from any motor manufacturer you choose

Latest Curtis AC Control Systems for Pallet Trucks, AGV’s and Robotics

New high performing smart design comes in a tough housing with a very small footprint, making it perfect for Powered Pallet Trucks and AGV's

Curtis Puerto Rico vs. Hurricane Maria

On 20th September 2017, Category 5 Hurricane “Maria” directly hit the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico with devastating force. Read about the impact o…

Vintage Narrowboat Goes Electric Thanks to Curtis

Learn how a1938 diesel powered Iron Narrow Boat is converted to a modern, environmentally friendly Electric drive system.

Curtis Q-Logic Control System

Learn how our advanced powerchair electronics provide complex rehab technology for users with unique medical and functional requirements.

Curtis' Puerto Rico Factory Moves to New Larger Facility

After nearly 30 years, we needed a bigger and better facility to meet increasing worldwide design. Learn more here.

Curtis Launch HF9 High Frequency Battery Charger at IMHX

HF9 Charger