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Charging Solutions for forklifts and other material handling equipment

Correctly matching the expensive lead-acid or lithium-ion battery to a quality charger will ensure top performance in demanding environments, avoiding costly premature battery failure. Curtis (UK) has a wide range of chargers to suit all materials handling and warehouse equipment applications. If your machine is battery powered, we'll help you charge it.

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50Hz Chargers

12V to 96V standard 50hz chargers with a 10/12 hour charge time; simple to use, impressively reliable, with up to 5 years warranty. Faster charging pulse technology does the same job is 8 hours. Single or three phase, on-board diagnostics, custom colour and branding for no extra outlay plus many other useful features deliver superior levels of reliable, quality charging shift after shift, day after day.

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High-Frequency Chargers

The Curtis HF range is fast and up to 94% efficient through switch mode technology, so just 6% of electricity is lost as heat during charging. HF's are cleaner and safer (low odour and hydrogen emission), smaller and more economic with a 5-80v (20-1200ah) range to cover any application including Lithium-Ion charging. A flexible, efficient, green range that saves time and money with a 3 year warranty for additional peace of mind.

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On-Board Chargers

Charge on-board with our range of small, lightweight and truly versatile chargers that maximise battery life to extend run-time and mount easily making them ideal for AGV's, floor care machines, mobility or golf applications. Designed for charging from any power outlet in the world, this durable 12-96V range comes complete with a number of advanced features and charges lead acid, gel, Agm or Lithium batteries. All models are covered by a 2 year warranty.


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Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Heard

To keep your operations safe, Curtis' range of LED visual and audible warning devices help increase awareness of approaching hazards. Choices include a wide selection of coloured LED directional spot and arrow warning lamps, red safety zone lamps, flashing beacons, or a choice of alarms and horns, all designed to increase safety by using light or sound as a warning aid. Call us, if you need it, chances are we have it!

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Always There When You Need Us

Curtis chargers are acclaimed throughout the industry for their high level of reliability. But if you do need help on-site, our UK wide network of independent service engineers will help you with any issues you may have.

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Curtis Instruments: Green Since 1960

Curtis Instruments provides advanced control system technology for zero-emission electric vehicles and equipment of all types. Located in central Northampton for more than 40 years, we offer our UK clients advanced customer support engineering, vehicle drive and control panel assembly, product testing and analysis.