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Curtis UK has been delivering reliable, top quality chargers for more than 20 years and are the brand of choice for a wide range of OEMs and Dealers across the UK. 

Our latest aluminium wound transformers have allowed for some exciting range developments, offering much lower pricing without any compromise on performance.

All models are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 14001 certified Italian factory. These chargers offer users significant advantages in efficiency, longevity, data retrieval, flexibility and support.

Perfect for traction batteries, the Curtis CONCERTO, PRIMO Power and Pulse chargers recharge batteries in 8 or 10/12 hours and come complete with microprocessor diagnostics and LEDs signalling charging phases or faults.  They are perfectly suited to all general industrial battery powered vehicle applications like materials handling, airport ground support, aerial lift, utility and on road EV.

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B E N E F I T S  I N C L U D E

  • Improved battery performance: Proportional gassing and controlled equalization ensures the battery receives thecorrect amount of charge.
  • Reduced running costs: Programmable delay on charge start, allows for use of off peak power, providing energy
    cost savings.
  • High durability: Heavy gauge, all steel, welded case finished in hard wearing wipe clean epoxy paint.
  • Rated to IP20.
  • Shortest lead times for non-stock items
  • UK wide service support network

Most of our chargers are ex stock, delivered next day as standard, and all come with a minimum 3 year warranty.  If it’s not in stock, we’ll get it, and our lead times are the shortest in the UK!  And in the unlikely event that your Curtis Charger requires attention in the field, one of our UK wide network of field based independent Service Agents can be on site with your customer within 48 hours.

The standard colours are Ral 5010 Blue and 7016 Grey. Customer specific colours and product variations (like airblow or weatherproof casing) are also available.  The PRIMOPulse is covered by our 5 year warranty and is also supported by nationwide service agent cover, so users are offered a truly unique level of service in this industry.

For more information call 01604 885201 or email us at info@curtisinst.co.uk.

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Forklift Battery Chargers

Largest stock holding and shortest lead times in the UK. Call 01604 885201.

New Curtis Video

An Overview of Curtis Worldwide

This 5-minute YouTube video gives you a quick-view of the global operations of Curtis in a nutshell.

Highly advanced power chair electronic control system

Curtis Q-Logic Control System

Supporting independence and quality of life for users with complex medical and functional requirements

You know very well how important battery efficiency is to the operation of your forklift truck – even more so, if you’re managing a whole fleet.

Accurate information about the usage, performance and life-cycle of your battery will help you manage productivity better, so you get the most from your trucks and operators.

The Curtis Acuity Battery Monitoring System

mounts alongside an industrial lead acid battery.  It measures, records and transmits battery performance data throughout the battery’s life. Installation is simple and non-invasive, so cost is minimised as there’s no need for special hardware or engineers; no cutting of cables, or drilling into the battery and the risks this can incur. An integral real-time clock allows date and time stamping of all significant events related to the battery or any vehicle component via CAN bus.


To fully utilise the information generated by Acuity, Curtis has developed AcuSet, a PC based software tool that translates the Acuity battery data into easy to read performance information to help fleet managers monitor operating efficiency according to warranty terms.


Watch the video to learn more about how Acuity can become an indispensable information source for fleet managers; truly the most advanced CAN system to capture true health of the battery and its state-of-charge intelligence.

Forklift Battery Monitoring System

Learn how our system records accurate, reliable and complete vehicle battery information.

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For trusted Curtis controller service and reconditioning:

Only TVH gets our stamp of approval in Europe.

All Curtis motor speed controller service and reconditioning in Europe is performed by our exclusive authorised service and repair partner, TVH, located in Belgium.

Europe's largest remanufacturer
With its 6000 square meter facilities for the repair and remanufacturing of electronic parts, TVH is without a doubt Europe's largest, best equipped and most diverse remanufacturer of electronic parts for electric vehicles of all types.  The TVH team of  more than 40 technicians take care of the repair and remanufacturing of more than 20,000 motor speed controllers and printed circuit boards a year.  TVH supplies more than 20,000 customers in 162 countries. As a one-stop shop, the company offers a full service in lift trucks, spare parts, accessories, rental, repairs and handling equipment with a guaranteed fast delivery at a competitive price.  For service and reconditioning of Curtis controllers in Europe, click here.

For new Curtis products, service and reconditioning:

Contact Liftsure, our Authorised Agent in Africa.

Liftsure industrial Parts were formed in 1999 and have been the local agents for Curtis since then.  They provide specialist advice and equipment for all materials handling needs and, with over 20 years experience in the forklift industry Curtis are confident that their combination of product knowledge and skilled manpower resources, they are able to offer the type of equipment and service our standards dictate.  Liftsure Equipment engineers are all factory trained with experience on electric forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, battery and battery chargers and other types of handling equipment.  Their service department is equipped with technical specifications and workshop manuals for all popular makes and models of forklift trucks and enables them to offer first class support to our engineers and customers to rectify problems in the quickest possible time.  To learn more about Liftsure and the Curtis products they provide throughout Africa, click here

Click here for Curtis Warranty information.

Curtis products and support in Europe and Africa

Sale of new Curtis products and support for parts in the field is available across Europe and Africa.

Is your forklift fleet the hard-working backbone of your operation?

If you rely on moving stock in or out of your premises, then you know that keeping them working properly is mission critical and whilst your job is to keep your operation going....ours is to keep your trucks running and save you money wherever possible.

As a responsible company with a modern outlook, aiming to have as little negative environmental impact as possible from your operations, how do you choose the right truck, battery and chargerHF9_Yellow-sm-2.jpg to meet demand, regulations and budget? 

The “how” is our new HF-9:  A fast, efficient, low cost and kind solution.

A fast, low cost, non-aggressive charger for forklifts and materials handling equipment in a wide range of applications, that will save you money and care for all types of expensive batteries.  

  • Fast– at least 40% faster (than 50hz) with 6 hour average charge times. 
  • Money Saving – high energy efficiency (independently verified at 93%) gives savings through low power consumption and programmable settings that take advantage of low cost night/weekend charging and means batteries are always ready to use.
  • Safe – produces less hydrogen and low odours ensuring clean working and safety of personnel.
  • Unique airflow design – prevents failure of components through contamination by dust, dirt and fumes.
  • Simple – easy to use high visibility LED display and field serviceable for zero downtime.

Easy care and servicing in the field keeps downtime to minimum

Intelligent customer service focussed design, with self-diagnosis of faults identified by easy to read LEDs on display.

Easy and quick intervention by Curtis trained UK network of independent charger service agents means return to base is no longer required.

Take your steps to green charging and

  • Reduce energy use through improved energy efficiency and reduced in-plant emissions for a cleaner, greener future.
  • Reduce operating cost by maximising battery life and reducing the amount of battery changes.
  • Maximise productivity and say goodbye to downtime by running multiple shifts on fewer batteries.


Call 01604 885201 for further information and pricing, or view the full range of charger datasheets.

93% efficient, fast charging, HF9 Forklift Truck Battery Charger