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Curtis Instruments Inc. Expands its Global Engineering Operations and Establishes New UK Engineering Centre in the North East of England


Curtis Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce the establishment of the Curtis UK Engineering Centre (UKEC). The UKEC is a new Research & Development Engineering facility that will be located in the Newcastle / Sunderland area of England, a region that is rapidly developing into a high-technology hub.

The UKEC expands Curtis’ industry-leading position as an expert electrification partner to OEMs and EV system suppliers. The UKEC will also significantly strengthen Curtis’ ability to provide first-class systems engineering services to the major UK & European vehicle and mobile machinery manufacturers.

This new engineering facility will work closely with existing Curtis global engineering teams in California, New York, Switzerland, and China, deepening the company’s powertrain electrification competencies. Ties with local colleges and universities will provide opportunities at the vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The UKEC will be a business unit of Curtis Instruments UK Ltd. in Northampton, England.  Founded in 1974, Curtis UK is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year and operates as the sales, technical support and logistics hub for Curtis in the UK and Ireland.

Curtis is now actively recruiting innovative and capable engineers with mobile electronics experience to join the UKEC team. Click here for further information.

Curtis Instruments Inc., headquartered in Mount Kisco, New York, is a recognised global leader in electrification technology for vehicles and off-highway mobile machinery. Curtis operates advanced electronics manufacturing plants on 3 continents, and has a global network of sales & support subsidiary companies to serve the world’s leading industrial vehicle manufacturers.



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TEMPO Charger

Suitcase-sized, multi-function, 94% efficient three-phase HF charger

50 years ago three names became etched into human history, achieving what many generations had longed for, yet had always seemed impossible. 

Since then, including Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, just twelve people have walked on the moon. 

Of course, many thousands more were unnamed contributors to the planning and development of technology that led to the Apollo 11 mission and helped make history.

One of those names was Curtis Instruments.

From its start in 1960, Curtis has pioneered instruments of advanced design for diverse equipment.  Early on, NASA chose Curtis products to monitor the electrical systems of its moon landing craft, eventually using 300 indicators on the Lunar Lander.

Then it asked the company to create an innovative battery gauge for its lunar roving vehicles that would accurately monitor battery “fuel” levels, preventing astronauts from becoming stranded without power as they explored the lunar landscapes.


NASA’s confidence in our engineering meant that, between 1968 and 1972, Curtis products were launched into space on 13 different lunar modules and over 20 are still on the moon today, left behind on the descent module.

Ever since Curtis contributed to NASA’s achievement of putting man on the moon in the 1960’s the company has continued to push back the barriers to progress by developing and incorporating cutting edge world leading technology into its product designs.


Curtis Technology Takes You to the Moon!

Learn About Our Part in the Apollo 11 Mission

Curtis EV System Controls

Integrate the hardware and software of the entire vehicle control system with Curtis solutions.

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Make Your Forklift Safer!

Wide range of options in stock.

Curtis UK has been delivering reliable, top quality chargers for more than 20 years and are the brand of choice for a wide range of OEMs and Dealers across the UK. 

Our latest aluminium wound transformers have allowed for some exciting range developments, offering much lower pricing without any compromise on performance.

All models are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 14001 certified Italian factory. These chargers offer users significant advantages in efficiency, longevity, data retrieval, flexibility and support.

Perfect for traction batteries, the Curtis CONCERTO, PRIMO Power and Pulse chargers recharge batteries in 8 or 10/12 hours and come complete with microprocessor diagnostics and LEDs signalling charging phases or faults.  They are perfectly suited to all general industrial battery powered vehicle applications like materials handling, airport ground support, aerial lift, utility and on road EV.

View the full range at Datasheets

B E N E F I T S  I N C L U D E

  • Improved battery performance: Proportional gassing and controlled equalization ensures the battery receives thecorrect amount of charge.
  • Reduced running costs: Programmable delay on charge start, allows for use of off peak power, providing energy
    cost savings.
  • High durability: Heavy gauge, all steel, welded case finished in hard wearing wipe clean epoxy paint.
  • Rated to IP20.
  • Shortest lead times for non-stock items
  • UK wide service support network

Most of our chargers are ex stock, delivered next day as standard, and all come with a minimum 3 year warranty.  If it’s not in stock, we’ll get it, and our lead times are the shortest in the UK!  And in the unlikely event that your Curtis Charger requires attention in the field, one of our UK wide network of field based independent Service Agents can be on site with your customer within 48 hours.

The standard colours are Ral 5010 Blue and 7016 Grey. Customer specific colours and product variations (like airblow or weatherproof casing) are also available.  The PRIMOPulse is covered by our 5 year warranty and is also supported by nationwide service agent cover, so users are offered a truly unique level of service in this industry.

For more information call 01604 885201 or email us at info@curtisinst.co.uk.

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Forklift Battery Chargers

Largest stock holding and shortest lead times in the UK.

Forklift Safety Equipment

Wide range of LED Worklamps, Safety Zone and Spot Lamps, Beacons, Magnetic Worklamps

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Curtis Engineering

Four R&D centres around the world produce highly specialised products for a wide variety of applications.

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For trusted Curtis controller service and reconditioning:

Only TVH gets our stamp of approval in Europe.

All Curtis motor speed controller service and reconditioning in Europe is performed by our exclusive authorised service and repair partner, TVH, located in Belgium.

Europe's largest remanufacturer
With its 6000 square meter facilities for the repair and remanufacturing of electronic parts, TVH is without a doubt Europe's largest, best equipped and most diverse remanufacturer of electronic parts for electric vehicles of all types.  The TVH team of  more than 40 technicians take care of the repair and remanufacturing of more than 20,000 motor speed controllers and printed circuit boards a year.  TVH supplies more than 20,000 customers in 162 countries. As a one-stop shop, the company offers a full service in lift trucks, spare parts, accessories, rental, repairs and handling equipment with a guaranteed fast delivery at a competitive price.  For service and reconditioning of Curtis controllers in Europe, click here.

For new Curtis products, service and reconditioning:

Contact Liftsure, our Authorised Agent in Africa.

Liftsure industrial Parts were formed in 1999 and have been the local agents for Curtis since then.  They provide specialist advice and equipment for all materials handling needs and, with over 20 years experience in the forklift industry Curtis are confident that their combination of product knowledge and skilled manpower resources, they are able to offer the type of equipment and service our standards dictate.  Liftsure Equipment engineers are all factory trained with experience on electric forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, battery and battery chargers and other types of handling equipment.  Their service department is equipped with technical specifications and workshop manuals for all popular makes and models of forklift trucks and enables them to offer first class support to our engineers and customers to rectify problems in the quickest possible time.  To learn more about Liftsure and the Curtis products they provide throughout Africa, click here

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Curtis products and support in Europe and Africa

Sale of new Curtis products and support for parts in the field is available across Europe and Africa.

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Safety Lighting and Chargers

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