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Forklift Battery Chargers

Electric Vehicles are everywhere.  Golf buggies and medical mobility vehicles, buses, electric motorbikes, scooters, quadbikes, floor cleaning machines, pallet trucks, forklifts, aerial work platforms; they’re everywhere – and they’re on the increase!

They’re cheaper to operate and maintain, run quietly and without damaging exhaust emissions.  They provide quick acceleration and high torque in demanding applications.  And they all need the correct, properly maintained motive power battery to make sure they perform to the max.

The importance of correctly picking and matching your expensive battery to a charger cannot be underestimated.  Using an incorrect charger will result in poor performance, even premature battery failure – and the battery costs a lot more to replace than a charger!

At Curtis (UK) we have a complete range of chargers to suit all materials handling and warehouse equipment applications, plus floor cleaning machines, access platforms, golf and mobility aids.  If your machine is battery powered, we can help. 


Standard 50hz Range

Piccolo, Rialto, Concerto, Primo Power and Pulse


For materials handling and warehouse equipment operating in a standard single or heavy duty multi shift operation, this range of standard 50hz chargers present many useful features at a very competitive price. 

They’re simple to use, impressively reliable and covered by up to 5 years warranty. 

All our 50hz models charge batteries in 10 to 12 hours.  The Primo Pulse uses more efficient pulsed charge technology to recharge 24-80v (30-200a) batteries in just 8 hours and are available in single or three phase configurations.  Optional features like airblow, weather protective cases or free custom colours/branding are readily available and, as a huge stockest of REMA products, we make sure you’re easily connected.

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High Frequency Chargers

HF5, 6, 7 and the latest HF9HF-range-montage-sm.jpg

Our HF chargers recharge batteries not only quickly, but efficiently.  Unlike the 50hz chargers that operate at around 75% efficiency, the HF range is up to 94% efficient, so just 6% of your expensive electricity is lost as heat during the charging process. 

Couple this with a “clean” charging process and you have a smaller, more economic, and environmentally friendly machine than ever before.  Our 5-80v (20-1200a) HF range covers the demands of most applications; single or three phase, wall mounted, free-standing and field serviceable, this green range will make savings on energy costs and at the same time provide you with impressive performance; and a 3 year warranty gives additional peace of mind.

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On-Board ChargersOn-board_Montage.jpg

Our high performance range of Delta-Q Chargers are truly versatile units that mount easily onto all types of equipment.  

Especially suited to floor care machines, access platforms, mobility or golf applications, they will work from any power outlet in the world and can be configured to charge wet cell/lead acid, Gel or sealed AGM batteries – even Lithium Ion batteries. 

This lightweight and durable 24 to 96V range comes complete with connectors, inbuilt DC/DC Converters and a resilient IP66 protection rating.  All models are covered by a 2 year warranty.

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Forklift Battery Monitoring System

Acuity_Installation.jpgThe Curtis Acuity Battery Monitoring System sits on top of a truck battery and measures, records and transmits battery performance data throughout the battery’s life.

Installation is simple and non-invasive; no cutting of cables, or drilling into the battery and the risks this can incur. Real time alerts about events, usage, performance and life-cycle of your battery are transmitted (by wi-fi or via the CANbus) to help you manage productivity better, so you get the most from your trucks and operators.

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Battery Charger Service and Support Network

UK_Wide_Service_Network.jpgThe Curtis range of chargers is renowned throughout the industry for their high level or reliability.  You won’t understand how much rely upon a charger, until the day you have an issue with it!  And in the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we’ve got that covered too.

Rest easy in knowing you’re backed up by our UK wide network of independent service engineers who will help you with any issues you may have.

Our team provide efficient and reliable charger warranty maintenance and on-site repair services.  All Agents carry a full range of charger spares on board their vehicles, along with an extensive range of power supply components and replacement parts, to enable field-based first visit fixes, dramatically reducing truck or machine downtime.  If an immediate repair is not possible, for either technical or economic reasons, Curtis UK is able to offer a replacement from our large stock of new and refurbished chargers.

And we’re proud to boast that this level of service is UNIQUE to Curtis; you won’t get better anywhere else!

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