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Curtis UK has been delivering battery charging solutions for more than 20 years.  Curtis Chargers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 14001 certified Italian factory. These chargers offer users significant advantages in efficiency, longevity, data retrieval, flexibility and support.

The new 8 hour PRIMOPulse charger offers a high level of control, protection and information – at an affordable price.

This model fully complies with European Standards DIN 41774. Its unique, modified Wa characteristic provides users with significant cost savings thanks to lower charge factors (typically 8-10% less when compared to standard Wa and WoWa charging).  It charges faster than Wa chargers and uses less water consumption due to lower charge factor. An 800 charge cycle memory provides improved and intelligent battery management, proportional gassing and controlled equalisation. This results in efficient charging and battery protection along with a "start" delay function that makes use of off-peak power saving up to 60% on electricity running costs.

All this results in less battery maintenance and increased battery life and, along with other special features, can provide savings in the first year in excess of £1000 – more than the cost of the charger!

The standard colours are Ral 5010 Blue and 7016 Grey. Customer specific colours and product variations (like airblow or weatherproof casing) are also available.  The PRIMOPulse is covered by our 5 year warranty and is also supported by nationwide service agent cover, so users are offered a truly unique level of service in this industry.

For more information call 01604 885201 or email us at info@curtisinst.co.uk.

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Curtis Chargers offer users significant advantages in terms of efficiency, longevity, data retrieval, flexibility and support.

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The Curtis Model 1353 CANbus I/O expansion module provides accurate control of up to 9 proportional hydraulic valves, or can be used to add other digital and analog I/O to any CANopen based control system. The Model 1353 can also be used ‘standalone’ as an integrated I/O control module and is the “big brother” to the existing 1352 eXM with impressive, expanded feature set on an identical footprint.


Expands I/O capabilities on any CANopen vehicle control system. Typically used on materials handling trucks, aerial lift platforms, airport ground support equipment, compact construction equipment and sweeper-scrubber floor care machines.


Exciting 1353 Features Include:

• Fifteen multi-purpose I/O pins.

• Nine high-frequency 3A PWM proportional valve driver outputs.

• Six analog inputs which can be enabled for voltage or resistance measurement.

• Analog inputs support connections of up to two quadrature encoders.

• Fully CANopen compatible.

• 23-pin AMPseal connector.

• 12V unregulated, +5V regulated 200mA (total) protected DC output supplies.

• Serial port option to allow direct programming by Curtis 1313 / 1314 programming devices.

• Rugged mechanical design, sealed to IP65 per IEC 60529.

• Safety compliance, designed to the requirements of EN1175-1:1998+A1:2010, EN (ISO) 13849-1.

Read the datasheet and Manual here

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1353 CAN interface expansion module

Provides control of up to nine proportional or on/off hydraulic valves.  For IC engines or electric vehicles; it's the “big brother” to the existing 1352 eXM.

Clean, green racing machine!

(Read the full story on our news page)


Learn more about the brave new world of racing electric superbikes – clean, green, reliable and very fast thanks to the technology and support of Curtis Instruments in the UK. Curtis’ customer of the moment is ARC EV Engineering Ltd, an engineering company near Derby, formed in 2009 specialising in electric vehicle design and build.

Bike enthusiasts Brendan Rice and Matt Bagshawe - the two principals – combined their love of motorbike racing with an interest in encouraging zero-carbon growth globally, resulting in the creation of a high performance superbike perfectly suited for racing championships on the Isle of Man TT circuit and the MotoE European Championship Cup spread over five events at circuits across Europe.


The notable and proud culmination of this joint partnership saw the ARC EV bike, ridden by Richie Welsh, winning recently at Silverstone!  This prestigious race was the final stage of the 2014 MotoE European Championship Cup. 

Read the full story on our news page


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Electric Superbike Wins at Silverstone

Truck Safety Equipment

LED Worklamps, Blue Spot Lamps, Beacons

New Model 1236E and 1238E AC Controllers are now released

The ‘E’ series range boasts a powerful new dual-microprocessor logic core with faster main processor, more memory, extended VCL and CAN Master capabilities, plus a supervisor micro that ensures a level of functional safety that is compliant with EN ISO 13849-1, and exceed the requirements of EN1175-1:1998 +A1:2010. 

Importantly, ‘E’ series controllers are CE marked as programmable safety devices under EN ISO 13849-1.

Additionally, an exciting new 1236E model has been released—the 48V, 550A rated 1236E-5521, which can be used in place of the earlier and much larger 550A model, providing OEM’s with functionality, size and cost improvements without any loss of power.

All the “old” models are still available, but Curtis would urge existing OEM's using 1236/1238 on applications destined for use in Europe, to change to the ‘E’ equivalent as soon as possible, to ensure compliance with the relevant EEC directives.

To learn more about the functionality of Curtis AC Speed Controllers click here, read the datasheet 123638ERevA3.pdf, or speak to our customer support engineers by calling 01604 885201.




E-Series Controllers

Model 1236E and 1238E are now released, completing the roll-out of the "E" versions for industrial applications.  Learn more  here.

New Acuity Video

The newest, most accurate, most reliable and most complete set of vehicle battery information explained in a short video.

For trusted Curtis controller service and reconditioning:
Only TVH, the Curtis Authorised European Service & Repair Centre, gets our stamp of approval.

All Curtis motor speed controller service and reconditioning in Europe is performed by our exclusive authorised service and repair centre TVH, located in Belgium.

Europe's largest remanufacturer
With its brand new 6000 square meter facilities for the repair and remanufacturing of electronic parts, TVH is without a doubt Europe's largest, best equipped and most diverse remanufacturer of electronic parts for electric vehicles of all types.  The TVH team of  more than 40 technicians  take care of the repair and remanufacturing of more than 20,000 motor speed controllers and printed circuit boards a year.  TVH supplies more than 20,000 customers in 162 countries. As a one-stop shop, the company offers a full service in lift trucks, spare parts, accessories, rental, repairs and handling equipment with a guaranteed fast delivery at a competitive price.  For service and reconditioning of Curtis controllers in Europe, click here.

For trusted Curtis products, service and reconditioning:
Contact Liftsure, the Curtis Authorised Agent in Africa.

Liftsure industrial Parts were formed in 1999 and have been the local agents for Curtis since then.  They provide specialist advice and equipment for all materials handling needs and, with over 20 years experience in the forklift industry Curtis are confident that their combination of product knowledge and skilled manpower resources, they are able to offer the type of equipment and service our standards dictate.  Liftsure Equipment engineers are all factory trained with experience on electric forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, battery and battery chargers and other types of handling equipment.  Their service department is equipped with technical specifications and workshop manuals for all popular makes and models of forklift trucks and enables them to offer first class support to our engineers and customers to rectify problems in the quickest possible time.  To learn more about Liftsure and the Curtis products they provide throughout Africa, click here

Click here for Curtis Warranty information.

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Sale of new Curtis products and support for parts in the field is available across Europe and Africa.